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Kale + Quinoa Salad

Ya'll, what's with the kale trend? It's so trendy that I keep having to stop myself from capitalizing the 'K'! I mean, I get it. It's quite delicious, abundant, and makes us feel warm and fuzzy in the health category. Do you ever wonder if other foods were as trendy as kale and avocados? It's so trendy that people wear shirts with 'Kale' spelled with letters resembling Yale. Yes, kale is a smart choice. Side note: do you think people walked around in the 70's wearing t-shirts that said "Mustard Greens" across the chest?  It was the 70's so I wouldn't be surprised, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case. Regardless, this delectable powerhouse of a dish is incredibly versatile and satisfying. You need six ingredients, three of which you should already have in your pantry, and you can easily make leftovers. You know how I feel about leftovers! The cucumber adds a refreshingly subtle taste but a necessary crunch. It'…

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